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What is Affiliate Marketing & How Does It Work meaning – In This post we will discuss on very interesting topic affiliate marketing, Affiliate marketing is very advance way for earning online without any investment only you need is website/ Blog. This program is main module of Digital makreitng you need to do SEO for high ranking on google for doing an affiliate marketing promotion.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

how affiliate marketing works
how affiliate marketing works

There are so many companies who are selling there products and services online they launch a program as affiliate marketing which means when you promote there products through your website or blog and get commission after sale of products, Procedure of sale is when visitor click on your affiliate link and purchase a product from that particular website to whom your affiliating commission is based on category vise  steps for doing affiliate marketing –

  1. We have to register on a website on which affiliate program is running e.g- amazon
  2. No TIN number or any government registration required
  3. Then they provide affiliate link for products we want to affiliate
  4. Copy link and paste in your affiliate post of products
  5. write content for affiliate post
  6. publish the post
  7. promote it on facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus etc.
  8. Do Seo ( search engine optimization ) for your post

Some common terms associated with affiliate marketing are describe below –

common terms associated with affiliate marketing
common terms associated with affiliate marketing

Affilates – Person who is promoting products and services of others and grabbing a commison after sale

Affiliate marketplace – Centeral databse for an affiliate niches known as affilate marketplace some affiliate marketplace are Shareasale, CJ, and Clickbank.

Affiliate software: for creating an affilate program for their website software used is called affiliate software

Example: iDevaffiliate.

Affiliate link: Tracking link for you affilaita product of company for which you are doing affiliation process

Affiliate ID: A Unique ID by which product and services provided to you from a company for your website

Payment mode: Every affiliate company have a diffrent payment type module and minimum payment option

Example: Cheque, wire transfer, PayPal, and others.

Affiliate Manager/OPM: Every company provide affiliate program manager who help you in giving optimization tips for your affiliate program

Commission percentage/amount: The amount which is provided to you as a affiliation in a base of commission after sale of product

2-tier affiliate marketing: This is a great way of making money from an affiliate program. In this method you promote affiliate program to other and they join affiliate program and company provide you a commision when your sub – affiliate make a sale from there affiliate link (similar to MLM or multi-level marketing ). This mode of income is delfined as a sub-affiliate commission.

Landing pages: It is page on hich you make product affilation only as on priority bases. Most of the programs that you will be promoting have many landing pages, and you can test for A/B testing to see which pages convert best for you.

Custom affiliate income/account: Different from every affiliate program, some companies provide custom commision rates to you for a different product on your bases, How much you want to earn from affiliation you can decide

Link clocking: Some affilate tracking links are very complicated. Using a link clocking technique like URL shorteners, Thirsty Affiliates, etc., you can turn complicated links into links that can be read and understood by your vistors.

Custom coupons: Some companies affiliate program is based on coupans, They help you for making dicount coupans for visitors as they use them for discount and you will get affiliate commission

Is affiliate marketing harmful or illegal?

Is affiliate marketing harmful or illegal
Is affiliate marketing harmful or illegal

No, affiliate marketing is not illegal or harmful basically it is very interesting and useful trick for online earning affiliate marketing is very best and easy way to earn online without any investment and if you doing affiliate marketing you are making believe to a online users and you are making your online reputation.

Can we se both Affiliate marketing and Google Ad sense

both Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense
both Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense

Yes, I Parag Singla owner of webhelpy Technologies i used both google ad sense and affiliate links at my affiliate blog viebucket.com and there is no problem related to your query about usability of both at one time, It is very good earning trick we can earn with both type affilate sale or google adsense click. There are 8 type of online earning process from which we can learn how to earn online

So now we are very clear about affiliate marketing after reading our post and we know how we can do affiliate marketing and from where we can earn online in no investment if you are Indian citizen living near delhi ncr you can visit our institute webhelpy Technologies for Affiliate Marketing course in no time and grab full knowledge and our experience related to affiliate marketing you can contact us at 8130326003 for more details.



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