How to convert traffic into leads- convert visitors to sales,lead ratio
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The number of visitors on the website does not determine the revenue generated, given the fact that the revenue model is not fully based on display advertising. It has been noted that revenue model is the lowest revenue generating, model. A great way to convert the web traffic into leads is with the help of inbound marketing. Outbound marketing is something which is not effective nowadays.

Traffic to Lead Ratio of a website

The Traffic Lead Ratio is the number of visitors on your website that are converted into leads. This parameter is very useful to calculate as it will help us know the quality of traffic on our website. This is very important from some business’s point of view. It is highly possible that there is large traffic on our website but none of it is giving us a financial aid. Statistics suggest that if the lead ratio is anything over 2-4 % then somewhere you’re doing a good job of converting your traffic into leads.

How to convert traffic into leads- convert visitors to sales,lead ratio
How to convert traffic into leads- convert visitors to sales,lead ratio


Top six ways to convert traffic into leads

  • Landing Pages- It is basically used to collect user information.
  • Notification Bars- These are the bars which are placed on the top of the website and designed in a way that they grab a lot of user’s attention.
  • Unblockable Popup forms- One of the best ways to convert traffic into leads is this. About 2% to 10% of the traffic on our blog is converted to leads just on the basis of how good your offer is.
  • Welcome Redirects- With the help of this one can redirect the first time users to a page where they have to opt-in in exchange for let’s say e-book or newsletter.
  • Opt-in forms displayed below posts- People generally after reading the blog, are very lost that what should they do so an offer can be displayed in the area below the posts to grab their attention.
  • Opt-in forms inside the videos- A new feature is now in trend that an opt-in form is now placed inside a video, which needs to be filled out by the user to continue watching the video. This option can also be made mandatory.

Conclusion- Must Read

Even though there are a number of ways of converting the traffic on your website into leads, the basic aim of every method is to attract the users and ask them for permissions to mail them on their email. The next part is to mail such content to the user, that you build their trust and once you do that you can try and sell them anything that you want.

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