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Countdown Timer Plugin wordpress – Webhelpy Scarcity Builder Plugin

Countdown Timer Plugin wordpress – Webhelpy Technologies Scarcity Builder Plugin – Hello Everyone, Today I would like to introduce you all to a WordPress Plugin called as “Evergreen Countdown Timer”. So now what’s specific about this Plugin? Specifically this Countdown Timer WordPress Plugin boosts sales with the help of The Scarcity Principle.In Marketing, Scarcity is a Proven Concept where people  assumes things to be more valuable if they are limited. So adding a Countdown Timer beside all your products going to make them more desirable and will help skyrocket their sale.

Evergreen Countdown Timer
Evergreen Countdown Timer

What Scarcity Principle is?

You would have heard about Limited Edition Products, everyone craves for them. Why they are so much desirable even though there are other products in the market from the same brand and of the same quality. This is because these products are limited, are scarce in nature, few individuals have access to them and that’s all what make them so much unique and desirable. Everyone wants to have them because only of this scarcity effect which is technically known as the “Scarcity Principle”. Now, Bloggers can use this concept to generate more E-Mail Submission, more sales, etc.

What is Evergreen Countdown Timer?

Now in order to help you to achieve this, WordPress devised a Plugin called “Evergreen Countdown Timer”. It lets you easily add Countdown Timer to your landing pages and funnels. This Countdown Timer will make your pages more effective, which means more leads and sales for you.

This Plugin helps you to display a personalized Countdown Timer for every single visitor that starts for the first time they visit your site. As the user come to the Page with your Countdown Timer, the Plugin will remember them (either by cookie or IP address). The Users will always be shown the Countdown Time that’s relevant to them. This is a powerful tool for Developing Scarcity and skyrocketing your Lead Generation or Sales.

Uploading Evergreen Countdown Timer

Step 1: Open your WordPress Website.

Step 2: Switch on to the Plugin option and then click on Add New.

Step 3: Search for the Evergreen Countdown Timer.

Step 4: As the Evergreen Countdown Timer Plugin appears click on Install.

Step 5: Now click on Activate and then your Plugin will get activated.

Configuring Evergreen countdown Timer plugin

Step 1: Fill the details about the Functionality of the Timer.

  1. Name: Specify the Internal Name of the Timer.
  2. Type: The free version only allows a “Data” type timer.
  3. Evergreen: This lets you set if the Timer should be evergreen or not that means it will keep on adding scarcity.
  4. Detection Method: You have to specify the way via you want to remember the Users either by Cookie or IP address.
  5. Expire Countdown On: This helps you to set how long the Countdown Timer will be?
  6. Redirect URL: Here you have to specify the webpage to which the Countdown Timer has to redirect the traffic after the time leaps out.

Step 2: Now set up the looks of the Countdown Timer.

Step 3: Click on Save Changes and hence, your Countdown Timer will       created.

Step 4: After setting the Countdown Timer, you have to add it to a post or page. In order to add it you have to copy the short code from the “Manager “tab and then add the code wherever you want to appear.

Step 5: After Publishing your Timer will appear in your post or specified page.


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Evergreen Countdown Timer plugin
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This is How you can Use Evergreen Countdown Timer Plugin by just simply following the simple steps given above or by watching the video and going through every explained conception of it very minutely understanding each and every concept. What you are waiting for – Don’t you have to add a Timer, just install the Evergreen Countdown Timer Plugin now and use it. Hope that the information provided above proved beneficial to you and have helped you to learn and know more about Evergreen Countdown Timer and How to use it. Thank You for visiting our post and for additional information about the topic or various such topics on the Internet and related posts just visit us on

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