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Is digital marketing a good carrier in India?

Is digital marketing a good carrier in India? – The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow and so is the digital marketing. Earlier digital marketing was not in fashion but now a days it is becoming everyone’s cup of tea and will expand alot in upcoming future. India is turning to the phase of digitalization and will keep on travelling in this phase. Earlier nobody was interested in digital marketing but now everybody is showing their keen interest in digital marketing. If this will continue throughout long terms then that day is not far that india will reach heights in digitalization.

digital marketing a good carrier

there is no option left for companies now either they have to switch on digital marketing else they will be declared as failure. Digital marketing is growing in a faster speed not only in india but world wide. Because there is no challenge to the digital marketing no other marketing scheme can beat the efficiency of digital marketing. Customers will get attracted only if you are adapting digital marketing strategies.

Before the emergence of digital marketing  freelancers and entrepreneurs were given first mover advantage because of their work based on content marketing and search engine marketing at that time they were scaling up their business at very fast mode. Earlier  companies were not at all aware about the term digital marketing.

We don’t need a huge budget to be successful online:-WE NEED VALUES

Digital marketing is spreading its effectiveness in everyones mind specially in the mind of different companies. They need to adapt the strategies of digital marketing as they don’t have any option left.This emergence of digital marketing is also coming up with lot of job opportunities in india for upcoming youth. So basically digital marketing is turning to a positive manner. Times of India had reported that Digital Marketing will create 1.5 Lakh jobs in India by 2017. So it will be ultimately a boon to digital marketier as well as job seekers and also for those who are planning to step in to frame their future.



digital marketing in india


What will be the digital marketing carrier salary in india?

Here’s a list of the various digital marketing positions available for those seeking a career in this arena:

  • Digital Marketing Manager:-

    Digital Marketing Manager

    >if anyone is having 6+ years of experience and if they can prove themselves through their projects as digital marketing experts then they can be hired easily in well reputed MNC’s as a digital marketing manager

    >>no need of any PG and UG degrees for this post even nobody ask for the certification the only thing that will enhance your capabilities will be your work. It will prove your abilities as a digital marketing manager.

                   >>salary of these expertise are categorized in between 20 to 30 Lakhs per annum and it                       can also reach upto 50 Lakh and plus depending on abilities.


  • Content Marketing Manager:-

    Content Marketing Manager

>>content marketing manager are basically persons who manages content marketing and also           they manages blog, sales page writting, video blogging etc

>>content marketing manager reports to digital marketing manager.content marketing manager              can also work alone.content marketing manager manages the team of content writters.

>>Content marketing managers will earn anywhere between 10-15 lakhs per annum on                             average. The experience required for such position is 3-5 years.


  • Inbound Marketing Manager:-

    Inbound Marketing Manager

>>some organization were having need of Inbound marketing manager and some do not have             need their work basically overlaps with content marketers.

>>their ultimate aim is to attract customers and they attract customers with the help of content                 writting . content writting manager focuses on strategies made by inbound marketing managers.

>>their salary lies between 13 to 15 lakh per annum and it can also reach heights depending on                  performance


  • Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists:-

    Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists

>>Search engine marketing is one of the most important keyterm of digital marketing in terms          of small scale business search engine is analysed by digital marketing manager itself.

>>large scale industries need proper(SEM) search engine marketing experts and sometime              they also have need of search engine marketers team.

>>their salaries varies on experience. More will be the experience and high will be the salary.


  • SEO Executives:-

    SEO Executives

>>with best search engine optimization one can easily redirect google traffic without investing            on google Ad Words.

>>An SEO expert should have experience in using the various kinds of SEO tools in the market. For         example is a well known SEO tool for digital marketers and webmasters.

>>SEO experts need to work with the team and they have to give constant feedbacks to the web                 development team.


  • Conversion Rate Optimizer:-

    Conversion Rate Optimizer

>> Art of increasing the conversion ratio in each stage of the marketing funnel is done by conversion        rate optimizer.

>>CRO can be a person from digital marketing team but they can work with various people.

>>Increasing conversion rate is important at each stage of the funnel. The ad copy or the site title             should attract more clicks, the visitors should convert into leads, and the leads should convert into           paying customers.



I hope now you are clear with digital marketing jobs and carrier opportunities in india. The salary            sometimes varies depending on experience and also some time varies based on different states and          countries.


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