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Digital Marketing Overview – What is Digital Marketing

What is marketing?

Marketing is basically deep study and the way of managing of exchange relationships. Marketing is basically considered as “the set of task, various activities, creating processess,communications,delivering ,and exchanging offer” that creates values for customers,clients,partners and also in society at large scale.

Marketing is basically used to attract the customer,to keep the customer and to satisfy the customer.

digital marketing for business
digital marketing for business


digital marketing sometimes called internet or online marketing .can be describes as the set of techniques and technologies used to promote brands , products and services to consumers over a range of online channels .People are spending more and more time online carrying out a range a tasks , including shopping , searching for information ,reading news watching videos using e-mail booking holidays , and using social media. they are also using a wider range of devices such as laptops tablets and smart phone allowing them to be online anytime anywhere what this means is that people are spending less time using traditional media ,such as print and television . businesses therefore need to get online in order to reach both their existing and potential customers they need to engage in digital marketing in order to promote and sell their products and services over various online channels.


1.2 Digital marketing techniques

earn online with affiliate marketing
earn online with affiliate marketing

There are many digital marketing techniques and tools available to business to help them market online such as :

Affiliate marketing – rewarding a site or individual for each sale/lead it generate as as a result of promoting your business

Display advertising – advertising online in a variety for formats Display advertising includes banner text image and video ads on a webpage .

Content marketing :- creating and sharing useful relevant and quality content to achieve marketing goals.

Search engine marketing (SEM):- increasing website traffic and visibility in search engine result pages through paid and unpaid (organic)

Mobile Marketing: – reaching consumers through their mobile phone.

E-mail marketing :- Reaching consumers directly via e-mail using text and rich media formats.

Social media marketing :- Reaching consumers through social media sites such as facebook, twiiter and linkedin to raise brand awareness generate sales and website traffic.

Search engine optimization (SEO):- optimizing websites to increase their visibility in search engine’s unpaid results also known as organic natural or earned results .

Analytics :- The process of using tools for tracking and analyzing the behavior of website visitors to inform marketing strategy .

1.3 Digital Marketing Goals

Digital marketing course in faridabad
Digital marketing course in faridabad

As with any marketing activity, it is important to start by establishing the goals you want to achieve with digital marketing.

what are your goals?

Some typical goals might include:

  • Increased brand awareness- Increasing brand awareness among current and potential customers.
  • Lead generation- Generating ‘leads’: generating customer interest in your product or service and creating contact lists of those users who have expressed interest.
  • Sales generation- Generating sales of your products or services-probably the ultimate marketing goals.
  • Informing customers- keeping customers up-to-date by sharing news ans special offers with your target audience.
  • Improved customer service- Strengthening your relationship with your customers by improving customer service and assistance.
  • Direct customer engagement- Engaging with customers directly.
  • Generating Traffic- Increasing the number of visitors to your website.

1.4 Digital Marketing Advantages

Digital marketing has many advantages over traditional marketing techniques.

More cost effective 

Digital marketing is generally less expensive than traditional marketing channels such as television,radio and print. The design and production costs for a print or TV ad,plus the cost of buying advertising space in a magazine or on a television channel ,are usually much higher than an online banner ad or video ad.

Easier to track and measure progress

It is much easier to track and measure the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign than on traditional media. In non-digital campaigns, the majority of audience data is estimated, such as magazine or newspaper circulation figures,or audience numbers for a television or radio programme. These numbers may not accurately reflect the actual number of people who saw or engaged with your advertisement. However, the use of online analytics tools in a digital campaign will give exact, reliable data for how many people saw and engaged with your ad.

Also , in traditional campaigns, campaigns performance data is rarely real-time. For example, you might have to wait and see if sales figures increase over a period of time. However, in a digital campaign, online analytical tools offer real-time tracking and behavioural data revealing your audience’s reaction to your ad, allowing you to tweak your campaign and improve performance.

Larger demographic  reach

Digital marketing campaigns also have a larger potential reach than traditional campaigns. They can reach a global audience but they can also be targeted so your message only reaches a specific group, also known as a demographic. Demographics include things likegender,race,age,income,location,education,marital status. Tar


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