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Digital Marketing refers to the marketing of products and services online via internet. In this world, technology is developing day by day. Technology facilitates  doing things online. like payments are made online. Shopping is online. Money can be transferred online. Tickets can be booked online. There are so many activities that we can do online. Similarly, marketing is also done online, and that is called as Digital Marketing. Let’s read more about this online mode of Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing :


Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is the process of online promotion of goods and services. A large number of people use internet and smart phones. So they are aware with trending topics in the world. That’s why, businessmen use online medium to promote their products and services instead of traditional marketing. Because online medium is more beneficial than traditional mode of marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing :


Digital Marketing
Benefits of Digital Marketing



Online mode of marketing has several benefits, that’s why merchants prefer it over traditional marketing. Some of the benefits are discussed below :

  • Cost Effective : Online mode of  marketing is cost effective because methods of online promotion are less expensive.


  •  Performance Measurable : Results of online promotions can be measured. So that we can identify our shortcomings and take required actions for improvement of our performance.


  • Reach to Wide Customers : We can reach a large number of customers via online sources because people are active on various social networking sites and other online platforms also.


  • Connects with mobile users also : Online promotions helps in reaching mobile users also because they are also using internet. So they can also see advertisements of products and services online.


  • Time Saving : Promoting business online saves time also because we don’t have to go anywhere. We can get results earlier via online promotions in comparison to offline promotions.…ordpress-website.html ‎…g-her-experience.html…company-training.html…igital-marketing.html ‎

Scope of Digital Marketing :

Digital Marketing
Scope of Digital Marketing in India


Now a days, scope and opportunities for experts in this field is very huge in India. A fresh graduate can easily get the role of an analyst with a salary nearby 25k per month to 6lacs per annum. Whereas experienced professionals can obtain in the range of 8lakhs to 40lakhs per annum.

The demand of professionals in this field is enhancing because of growth of industries in this field. Pune, a city of India is about to become the Digital Hub of India. Digital Marketing has huge scope for starting and developing a career. The most important thing is that it’s demand will increase with the passage of time.



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