Top 14 Google AdWords interview questions & answers
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Top 15 Google Ad Words interview questions & answers – Google AdWords is an essential module of Digital Marketing. Google Adwords is the most useful tool for promoting our products and services online. With the help of Google Adwords, we can run ads for generating leads or converting those leads into sales. Google adwords has a huge scope of job as well. Here are some essential google adwords interview questions and benefits of google adwords that will help you face an interview.

Google Ad Words Interview Questions

Ques 1- What is google ad words?

Ans 1- Google ad words is now  converted into google ads by the recent update launched by google. Google ads is an online advertising service, that is developed by google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings product listings and video content within the google ad network to web users.

Google Adwords Interview Questions
Google Adwords Interview Questions


Ques 2 – How many types of ads are there in ad words?
Ans 2 – There are  five types of ads in google ads :
  •      Text ads- text ads are shown in search engines and contain only text.
  •      Display ads – Display ads contain images also along with the text, display ads are also known as banner ads.
  •      Video ads – Video ads are shown on you tube when we play a video on you tube.
  •      Universal app ads – Such ads are displayed on play store.
  •      Shopping ads – these ads are also shown in search engine.
Ques 3-What is remarketing and retargeting?
Ans 3 –  Retargeting – Retargeting is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website.
Remarketing – Remarketing is a clever way to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or inquiry. It allows you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited your website.
Ques 4 – How many type of keywords are there in Ad Words?
Ans 4 – There are two types of keywords in google Ad Words.
1) Search keywords       2) Negative keywords
Ques 5 – Explain broad match keyword ?
Ans 5 – In broad match keyword, when a user searches anything on search engine and in his search term has even if a single word which is similar to our keyword, our ad will be shown.
Ques 6 – Explain phrase match keyword ?
Ans 6 – In phrase match keyword, our ad will be shown  only when the search term of user contain that selected phrase which is selected while making ad campaign.Phrase is selected within inverted commas.
Ques – 7 What is Keyword Planner ? How does it help us ?
Ans 7 – Keyword planner is a tool of google adwords that help us finding the right keywords to build a google and seo friendly content and putting the right keywords in our ad.
What is Keyword Planner and use of keyword planner
What is Keyword Planner and use of keyword planner
Ques 8 – Explain exact match keyword?
Ans 8 – In exact match keyword, our ad will be shown to the user only if he will searches the exact keyword,which is selected by us. Exact match keyword is selected within brackets.
Ques 9 – What is negative keyword?
Ans 9 – Negative keywords are those keywords,on searching those keywords, we don’t want to show our ad.So we add them in negative keywords.
Ques 10 – Difference between search keyword and search term?
Ans 10 – Search term – A search term is the exact word or phrase that a user enters on google console to search something.
Search keyword – A search keyword is the phrase that google advertisers create for a given ad group to target ads to customers.
Ques 11 – How to find bid for keyword?
Ans 11 – keyword planner helps to find the bid for keyword, either we can set a bid for our keyword at our own or google ads will do it itself.
Ques 12 – How to find budget for google ad campaign?
Ans 12 – we can find budget for our ad campaign according to the bid on the keyword and we can set budget for our ad as per our convenience.
Google Adwords ad campaigns
Google Adwords ad campaigns
Ques 13 – How to find related keywords for targeting?
Ans 13 – With the help of keyword planner, we can find related keywords for targeting.
Ques 14 – How to pay with debit card not using credit card?
Ans 14 – By clicking on compare ad word express with ad words we can switch to ad words. When we use ad words we can use debit card whereas if we use ad word express , we can use credit card.
Ques 15 – How to create only ad words account not ad word express? How many type of payment modes are there in ad words ?
Ans 15 – To create only Ad Words account we have to click on compare Ad Word express with Ad Words. There are two types of payment modes in google Ad Words, via debit card and credit card.

Benefits of Google adwords

Google adwords is a paid tool of Google, that facilitates for running different types of ads on different platforms for promotional purposes. As we see that Google adwords is very important and technical as well, so it enhances the need of experts of google adwords. So when it comes to facing the interview, some important google adwords interview questions are given above. These question will definitely help you go through an interview.

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