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In This post i am taking about on page seo technique basically on page seo is a part of seo ( search engine optimization ) and this is main technique for a good Digital Marketing  First we will learn about some tips related to on page seo we should implement those tricks while working on our on page seo technique.

Now we will start our talk on our topic that we are discussing above –

Benefits of on page seo

Benefits of on page seo

On Page Seo – Main work is optimizing the content post that we are publishing in our blog/ website. For doing this work we have to follow some steps, Our main steps for doing on page seo are

  • First we have to create an intro para with our focus keyword usage and we have to create one or two interlinking.
  • Than we have to create 1 heading which should be related to our content after using heading we have to provide one image with focus keyword used in its caption and alt text area.
  • After that we have to provide content for heading.

Why Do we Need On-Page Optimization?

When we use the term ” Seo optimization article ” Some of the bloggers think seo optimization is bed practice in the term of google ranking. It is defiantly wrong prediction seo optimization is very necessary for our high ranking on google.

Why we are not ranking on the first page on search engine?

We are not working with the term of google guidelines there are so many algo’s of google for high ranking on search engine with on page seo you cannot get high ranking on search engine, There is another way for ranking on search engine second one named as

Off Page SEO – Basically off page seo is term you are doing work outside for your website in term of Backlinks creation, Social media submission, Social media optimization, Forum submission, Directory submission, Private blog network submission and Guest Posting, Now we will discuss on the Off page seo Term Below-

  • Backlinks -Backlinks are links which are used to direct you toward your website. More the number of backlinks more will be the popularity of your website.
  • Social media submission – Social media submission is technique of redirecting traffic to your website by submitting website URL to various social media submission pages .
  • Social media optimization -Social media optimization is used to generate publicity through number of social media outlets and communities. It is basically done to increase the awareness of product, service brand and events.
  • Forum submission -Forum submission is done to increase the image or value among public by sharing experience about your brand and product in a genuin way. It  can be done with the help of different forum submission sites.
  • Directory submission -Directory submission is technique of improving site ranking and also it isdone to increase the link popularity.It is also done to increase the popularity and effectiveness of website.
  • Private blog network submission -If you want to rank in google and do good SEO then private blog network submission is the best way to achieve success.

Here are some tips for ranking on search engine with on page seo and off page seo

10 On Page Optimization Techniques For Better Ranking in 2017

We are discussing about best 10 tips regarding on page optimization.Before starting let us talk about few non technical things which will be helpful in increasing seo:-

  1. Improving user experience:-  website should be responsve in nature and broken links should be kept minimum in order to improve the user experience.
  2. Make sure thatpeople are spending alot of time in your website. The more they will stay the more you will get the ranking so try to make your website attractive so that users will show interest in your websites.
  3. Content is king:- try to make unique and informative content as content is the only key in your website through which you can redirect traffic.

So now we will discuss on 10 on-page optimization factors we should keep in mind while optimizing our blog posts.

1. Blog Post Title

This is the most attractive on-page SEO trick. The reason behind this is  the more attractive and optimized your title is, the more people will click. And  the more clicks your post gets, the higher will be the ranking.

 Targeted keyword or phrase should be used toward the beginning of title (H1) tag, and if  not possible, make sure that atleast it must exist somewhere in the title.

We should also not repeat the same keyword more than once in the title tag because we think it will help the article rank higher. It won’t. It could actually hurt our ranking.So avoiding it will be the better option.

Tittle length should be  under 65 characters.

2. Post Permalink Structure

URL should appear correctly in an important on-page metric.Use of target keywords in the URL and special charater , symbols, brackets,commas etc using should be avoided within the URL.

Using of middle dash should be used to differentiate the strings in URL . Most of the web browsers are using this in the form of permalinks.

SYNTAX of good permalink:-

3. Heading Tags

Heading tags should be used to highlight different headings and key contents which are the highlighting words in the contents. Use of heading tags make a clear image in mind.

According to wordpress only heading tag is used with H1 tag and other tags are followed by H2 and  H3 tags wherever you want in article.

But according to Google Algorithm’s use of more h2 and h3 tags is also not healthy option so limited use of these tags should be done.

4. Keyword Density

Keywords density should be kept around  1.5% percent with a mix of LSI keywords.

Use of focus keyword should be done in the starting and end of the paragraph.

Use of keyword should be done wherever it makes sense.

5. Meta Tags

Use of relevant and unique meta description should be done with each blog post.

Use of targeted keywords should be done in description but spam should be avoided in description.

Search engines basically gets active on keywords so basically clicking on post is important feature for users.

user-friendly meta descriptions related to posts and which should make specific sense should be created.

6. Images

Image optimization helps in driving alot of feature from image search from google.

Keywords placed  in the “image title” and the “alt text” help to make  blog post more focused and targeted.

The more user will engange in contents the more he will stick there which will increase overall ranking.

Use of proper size of image should be done as large image will take alot of time for loading which will ultimately slow down the process and also leads to the decrease in google ranking.

7. Word Count Per Post

Blog with bulk of information is always given higher priority as blog with less content is always given less preference as it contains less information.

Creating posts with 600 words sounds better and in order to work on high level keywords its better to be well-researched and overly informative.

8. Internal Linking

Interlinking helps in targetting readers to stay for long time  on our blog which will ultimately increase google ranking.

While doing interlinking try to use keywords as the anchor text.

Relavancy should be there while making interlinking.

9. External Linking

Along with linking within own sites its better to link outside with the help of external linking on external websites.

Targeting trusted websites should be done.

10. Write Engaging Content

Engaging content should be done as  low quality content always fails.

Posts should always be manual for the keywords.

way for engaging audience should be searched and focused.


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