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Online Reputation Management | Importance of ORM | – Online Reputation Management is also known as ORM. ORM deals with everything related to your company’s brand in the online sources. Online sources includes the entire web – search engines, forums, blogs, news sites, social networking sites etc. Online reputation management refers to the process of drafting strategies that affects the perception of people towards an organization, individual or any other entity on the Internet.

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Importance of Online Reputation Management

If you want to succeed in your business, then ORM is one of those key factors that are helpful for growth of your business. Nowadays, businesses are having their identity listed on internet as well. Everyone uses internet and can reach to everything via internet. So its kinda essential to have a good reputation online also to get more leads for your business.

Two kinds of reviews are there in ORM – Positive and Negative. Both influences the online reputation of a company in different manners. Lets have a look at the impacts of positive and negative reviews.

Influence of Positive Reviews – 

  • Enhances Reputation – When users see positive reviews of older customers, they are ready to take a chance with you. It happens because of the positive feedback.


Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management


  • Increases Ranking – Google wants to provide its customers, exactly what their demand is. So if your reputation is good, google will offer your product or service to its users. As a result, you will be on top very soon in the market of google.


Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management


Influence of Negative Reviews – 

  • Decreases Reputation – Due to negative reviews, customers lose their trust in the company. Negative reviews are very harmful for a business.


  • Difficult to rectify  – If there are so many negative reviews of your business, then it is difficult to regain the trust of customers and rebuild the reputation. It’s simple to maintain a positive reputation than repairing the negative one.


  • Reduces Google Rating – Negative reviews reduces the golden stars or ratings of a business. Nobody wants to do a business or wants to buy products or services from a company having less than four stars.

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