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Digital Marketing can not be imagined without SEO. Search engine optimization role plays essential roles, it helps you to reach millions of traffic to generate sales & also increase organic results on the digital platform to multiply your business. It is like free broadcasting & plays essential roles to running any type of business.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the website organic traffic, where web pages & other content are ranked on the basis of what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

Huge importance of seo, Why?

There are over 14 billion searches every month on google search engine. Nowadays, more businesses are going online now with the help of digital marketing for promoting there business online. So, it is becoming more important to rank higher in the search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most whispering word in the field of internet marketing & most of the internet marketers simply rank websites on google search engine during events (for high traffic) & create huge revenue from it but unfortunately most Digital Marketers do not know enough about SEO, to make this strategy work for them.

Search engine optimization role, From Advertising point of view, it is a great deal, because in your market place you need to advertise to reach new customers around you & market your products & services. Weather you are running your business online or not, you probably know how important it is to advertise to multiply business.

Well known web indexes – Google, Bing, Yahoo rank websites by complex algorithms to figure out which sites are most important for specific terms.

If website ranks on 1-2 page, it is likely you will receive a great deal of traffic from search engines.

Now you may understand why Search engine optimization role is important for a Digital or Internet marketer & you also might be wonder, how to achieve these ranking in Google search engine. The easiest way is to hire a Search engine optimizer for your website.

Some common factors in search engines

Some search engine factors used in algorithms.

  • Keyword density – Usage of Key word in article.
  • META tags – These are pieces of HTML code, search engines use this in evaluating the content of a website.
  • Inbound link –  Inbound links refer to links on other posts which point to your website.
  • Website traffic & content
  • Titles

Social media optimization

Search engine also catches social media links in improve ranking.Search engine optimization role

The advancement in social media helps in gaining backlinks & popularity from popular websites like Twitter, facebook, google+, tumblr. This means, if you give more presence on social media, the greater chances that your SEO will progress.


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