Social bookmarking Advantages , Benefits & What is with how to do
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Webhelpy Technologies is taking about social bookmarking in this post and we are here with some effective way how you will get ranking on google with social bookmarking it is a part of off page seo –

What is Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is one of the great and effective and link building tool of SEO to boost your business and its reach to your target section of society. It is an off page SEO activity used all over for successful and mind blowing results. Social bookmarking is basically like your personal bookmarking or choices, where you like some stuff on the internet and you save that for future reference whereas social bookmarking is the one where you save that stuff on the social sites for others to come across and explore and if liked it will keep the chain on for others to get it.

The idea of the promotion through Social Book marking is to popularize your content through the websites which are being used very frequently by the maximum readers.

When the content is ready to be bookmarked, it is first bookmarked with minimum three tags used in it for the searches, that ways it gets available for the search engine.

Advantages of Social Bookmarking
Advantages of Social Bookmarking

Advantages of Social Bookmarking:

The popularity of SEO services are increasing day by day because of its advantages to its users. Social bookmarking is considered to be one of the top three best SEO services to increase the volume of your business.

The main advantages of social bookmarking are as follows:
  1. It is one of the best and innovative medium to keep your website on the top searches.
  2. For internet users, it is one of the easiest way that help them store, search, organize and bookmark their searches.
  3. This service will generate lots of traffic on your website in almost no time.
  4. This is best service for back links to increase your rankings.
  5. By the use of this service you can very easily get a good ranking for your website which is otherwise very difficult to get.
  6. In the bookmarking links lots of websites are being submitted in which your website can be indexed in very less time frame.
  7. This service helps in brand building and increases the visibility.
Steps to do social bookmarking
Steps to do social bookmarking

How to do social bookmarking:

Steps to do social bookmarking:
  1. First step is to collect a list of top social bookmarking sites. This list will start the process.
  2. Select one site out of the list and go to that site for account creation.
  3. Once register on the site, add a page option and fill the available form with appropriate option of your website like address, category, tags etc. and click on Add This page button. This step completes your bookmarking process.

While submission you should be very careful and should do the whole process in proper way so that your blog is free from any SEO penalties because any mistake can ruin the complete exercise and put you in bad ranking.

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