Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Digital marketing has achieved alot in the year 2016 through small and medium scaled business by promoting them online and their products with the help of various social media channels and sites.The rise of digital marketing is increasing day by day with the newly introduced trends.

But what we are expecting in year 2017?

Everyone is expecting a lot and in different manner as like few marketers are having in their mind that internet will be going to expand further with different newly introduced companies and they will be entering the digital world, and few others says that there will be a different phase of search engine giants who will be given more preference with the data available on internet.

Online marketing company can be categorize in 3 types as Complex, large and volatile.The faster you are going to hit the internet users the quicker you will be able to stay ahead of your competitors.

In order to make all the views less complex I have gone through the analyzation process and on basis of that analyzation i have come up with few most reliable digital marketing trends for the year 2017   which should be given more preference to formulate effective digital marketing strategies and online campaigns.

1. The increasing dominance of video ads.


Video advertisements are nothing new for social media giants like you tube and Facebook the news entering through the Google with in SERP(search engine result page) will change whole spectrum of online advertisement. This increases the demands of video ads among  the users and this trend will continue with the different types of texts and video ads which will we appearing with the pop ups on our screens very soon.


2. Mobile will completely dominate desktop.

The rise of smartphones has been non stopable. Since the first iPhone launched way back in 2007 there have been over 1,423.9 million units sold throughout the world , and today consumers spend a staggering 23 days each and every year on their phones .

However the fact that there’s more time spent browsing via mobile doesn’t quite provide the complete picture, and there’s much more to this story that emphasises the importance of catering for mobile browsers.

Mobile search and mobile optimization  should be therefore placed at the top priority for digital marketers in the year 2017.


3. Dedicated apps will find their way. 

A dedicated application almost covers all the features of mobile-optimized website, in a very efficient, attractive and more accessible way.

Newly introduced app indexing by google have brought advantage of having a dedicated app in upcoming future although we are far apart from the year when apps will completely replace websites,business owners are analysing their potentials  2017 will be a pivotal year in mobile app development.


4. Social conversion is coming.

A lot has been discussed about the power of social media. In year 2017 the online companies will not only stick to the company-consumer conversation or attracting new prospects instead it will work on increasing conversion rates.

We have analysed the same for e-commerce and lead generation websites. Social media will create a new pathway and it will offer tool to convert prospects directly into buyers.


5. Year of wearable technology and smart devices.


wearable technology and smart 


In past few years we have analysed that the digital world is emerging in a fast speed Apple iWatch, Google Glass, Motorola 360, and other similar smart devices that helps you to keep connected with the digital world.

The year 2017 will introduce more digital wearable technologies that will change full spectrum of local market.Digital marketer will keep on increasing and launching new wearable digital products to increase the market of digital products.


6. Search algorithm will change and keep on changing.

Search engine algorithms will keep on changing according to the new information added every seconds so for the updation algorithms need to be changed. In order to decide which content should be given ranking and kept at the higher position giants need to update the algorithms and allocate the highest ranking based on priority in SERP(search engine result page).

So the only way to be at the top is to share the valid and unique information with the audience.

7. Online advertising will become more expensive.


Online advertisement is going to expand a lot in future. There will be alot of demand of online advertisements for increasing online marketing.So more will be the demand more will be the price.Onlline advertisement is going to flourish alot of sectors in market and it will effect the market value of online advertisements in year 2017.


8. Unique, high-quality content will be the key. 


As it is truly said that content is king. Through unique and best contents we can reach heights without facing much obstacles in our way. So working on unique content will ultimately will raise your market value. And it doesn’t end up here it will also proves to be useful in redirecting traffic.

The key to success is write unique , high quality and effective content.


9. Conversion Rate Optimization to offer high ROI.

Conversion rate optimization is nothing new for the digital marketers but now its time to use these on your website landing pages.

conversion rate optimization will help you in analysing customers behaviour in your websites and also helps to know about the particular areas from where website is acheiving traffic or we can say redirecting its traffic.


10. Growth hacking will continue to evolve

Hacking will continue to evolve in year 2017. Everybody wants to be at the top so for beating the competitors hacking is increasing and will be increasing in fast speed.Organic ads in 2017 will reach the highest peack through hacking.


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