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TubeBuddy Extension – How to use to get high ranking on youtube : TubeBuddy is The Premier YouTube Channel Management and Video Optimization Toolkit. TubeBuddy is kind of a best friend for youtubers. TubeBuddy helps to grow the youtube channel and youtube videos. TubeBuddy performs several functions that help youtubers for growth and reach of their channel and get higher ranking on youtube. TubeBuddy extension is the must have tool for youtubers.

What is TubeBuddy extension How to use to get high ranking on youtube functions benefits How it helps for the seo of videos

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What is TubeBuddy Extension ?

Tubebuddy extension
What is TubeBuddy extension ?


TubeBuddy Extension is a browser extension. The main objective of the extension is that creators should be able to spend more time on creating videos and less time on managing their videos. TubeBuddy extension is available on various browsers like –  Chrome, Safari, FireFox and Opera.

TubeBuddy integrates directly into YouTube’s website and almost all of our tools can be accessed directly from inside YouTube’s website. TubeBuddy extension facilitates to get higher ranking on youtube.

How to get ranking on youtube with TubeBuddy ?

TubeBuddy performs various functions that help youtubers to grow their videos and channel and get higher rank on youtube :

TubeBuddy extension
How to get ranking on youtube with tubebuddy


  • TubeBuddy shows the keywords that are being searched by the users and the keywords used by the competitors. So that we can use the right keywords in our video to boost the views on our video.


  • TubeBuddy shows the right title for our video, that is being used by the competitors and suitable for the video.


  • TubeBuddy shows the right description that we should give in our video that will be beneficial for the growth of our video.


  • TubeBuddy helps to generate the right thumbnail for our video, that will be best suitable for our video to get more clicks and views.

How to use TubeBuddy Extension ?

  • To use the TubeBuddy tool, first we need to install the TubeBuddy extension in our browser so that we can take advantage of it for the growth of our YouTube Channel.


  • After installation, we can sign in for TubeBuddy Tool by going to our YouTube Channel and then Tubebuddy will provide us a guide.


  • After logging in to our Youtube channel, we will see a new TubeBuddy Drop Down Panel on our channel and there are several powerful features in the panel that will help us to increase views on our YouTube views and YouTube subscribers.

How TubeBuddy Helps for the SEO of Videos ?

TubeBuddy extension helps to optimize the videos for SEO to get high ranking on youtube in following ways –

  • Create an optimized title The title should not be lengthy and must contain major keywords.


  • Use appropriate tags Appropriate tags, along with the keywords should be used in the video for good SEO results.


  • Create full description Full and right description of the video with right keywords helps for good SEO.


  • Insert right Keywords Keywords play the most important role for the SEO, we must check the appropriate keywords and must insert those keywords ij title, meta tags as well as description.






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